Host of Hate: Flyers Fans' Love of Alex Trebek Not Just a Pat Sajak Troll

Published on 3-Nov-2013 by Xavier McSpaniel

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Host of Hate: Flyers Fans' Love of Alex Trebek Not Just a Pat Sajak Troll

You didn't need to buy a vowel to understand what Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak thought of the debacle in Philadelphia on Friday.

Naturally, Flyers fans took exception because of course they did. What is noteworthy about their considered retort is the assumption of superiority afforded fellow quiz-show honcho, Alex Trebek.

Is this rooted in the Philly hockey faithful having a greater affinity for the cerebral agility of Jeopardy than the cliche bootcamp that is Wheel of Fortune? Or perhaps Trebek -- a Canadian by birth and, as such, an insatiable puck monster -- tacitly approves of needless violence not associated with a World Series win?

The Daily Player had a brief phone conversation with someone who might be Alex Trebek to find out:

DP: Thanks for your time, Alex.

AT: What is a common rejoinder of gratitude?

DP: Um...okay. What did you think of the goalie fight Friday night?

AT: What is Holtby had it coming?

DP: Because Washington was destroying the Flyers 7-0?

AT: What is the hockey code: if you can't beat them, you beat them?

DP: Sounds like a good argument to get rid of fighting in the NHL.

AT: What is are you insane?

DP: I'm guessing you haven't seen Olympic hockey then.

AT: What is no comparison to the '72 Summit Series?

DP: Going to go out on a limb here and say you're pleased no suspension has been given to Ray Emery after the brawl.

AT: Who is who is Ray Emery, I thought it was Ron Hextall?

DP: You're not as genial as you present on TV, Alex. You're actually quite irritating. It's easy to see why Flyers fans would like you.

AT: What is this phone call is over, f*cko?