Habs Handle Bruins at Mr Bill's Place

Published on 3-Jan-2016 by J Square Humboldt

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Habs Handle Bruins at Mr Bill's Place

The easy theme in Foxboro is that this Winter Classic had everything.

The Montréal Canadiens resembled the Expos by batting in goals and the Alouettes by rushing into the middle along their way to a 5-1 stomping of the Boston Bruins.

However, the key to the game was probably what the B's didn't have.


With the absences of Mike Krejci and Joonas Kemppainen to injuries and Brad Marchand to suspension, Boston went for long stretches watching Montréal dominate the puck. Usually dominant in faceoffs, the Bruins were outdone, 42-36, and at one point in the first period were outshot, 12-2.

Maybe Claude Julien should've asked the Pats' taskmaster how to deflate pucks or something.

Kinda looks like a seeing-eye dog is supposed to be where the blade is.

While Mr Bill had other business in Miami on the weekend, there were 67,246 in-house fans and a rich desired-demographic TV audience who confirmed yet again that the Winter Classic has become as identified a New Year's Day fixture as the Rose Bowl ...

... But with a higher dude quotient.

Bettman w beard

Hockey can make a man out of anyone.