Former NHL Player Unleashes Twitter Tirade

Published on 29-Dec-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Former NHL Player Unleashes Twitter Tirade

It appears former NHL player Steve Downie had a few things to get off his chest.

In what was hopefully a cathartic act, Downie took to Twitter recently and got quite real about a number of subjects and individuals.

The former Arizona Coyotes forward first unleashed a series of tweets painting his former team in a not so flattering light.

Downie reserved the bulk of his wrath for head coach Dave Tippett, who doesn't seem to respect his players all that much.

Spelling and grammar notwithstanding, it's clear that Downie doesn't think very highly of Tippett.

Dude then began to go off on the NHL and concussions, always a fun subject.

Then this happened.

Yes, that's Steve Downie absolutely destroying Dean McAmmond back in 2007.

Dude was not surprisingly concussed on the play, while Downie was treated to a 20-game suspension for his efforts.

Downie is genuinely remorseful about that play and his career in general, though, and he seems conflicted about his participation in such a violent game.

That's some pretty raw stuff.

Of course, blaming Don Cherry for anything up to and including the extinction of the human race is never a bad idea.

We can all agree that there's no shortage of hypocrisy in professional sports pertaining to the glorification of violence.

Oh, and that Don Cherry is an idiot.