Can't Take the Devil out of Lou Lamoriello

Published on 22-Jul-2016 by J Square Humboldt

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Can't Take the Devil out of Lou Lamoriello

Not that long ago, the Toronto Maple Leafs' long-suffering faithfull were giddy with joy.

Their team's patented incompetence -- not even Mike Babcock can turn the Good Ship Leafness on a dime -- had secured the top overall draft choice, and this was another outstanding year to have it.

American phenom Auston Matthews was there for the taking.

And, to their credit, the Leafs didn't blow it.

At that point, what could go wrong?

Ask the Nashville Predators. They just watched their top selection from 2014 shuffle off to Buffalo -- sorta -- because he refused to sign with them.

Until yesterday, Leafs Nation was starting to wonder about an episode of déja vu.

Leaf president Brendan Shanahan surprised the hockey world by tapping NHL warhorse Lou Lamoriello as GM for his rebuild.

And for a while, there, dude seemed to forget he was working for one of the most valuable franchises in hockey instead of the penny-pinching New Jersey Devils.

That was where he would not offer contracts with performance bonuses.

Apparently, the revelation hit him yesterday.

What happened? Was it due to visions of Jimmy Vesey or Cindy Lou Who?

Lamoriello contract comment Matthews

As in when he realized Matthews wasn't going to cave.

Thus, a totally unnecessary self-created crisis that could only have come from Maple Leaf annals was averted. For once.