Blades of Glory II: Le Staredown Magnifique

Published on 7-Mar-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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Blades of Glory II: Le Staredown Magnifique
Not since the move Blades of Glory have I seen two men look more uncomfortable on skates.
When I observed the 'fight' between Francis Lessard and Sébastien Laferrière, I thought I was watching a sequel to the movie. 
The two squared off and skated around each other with the grace of Torvil and Dean.The referees were standing around waiting for the crowds to throw flowers.
I don't always watch hockey, but when I do, I expect one thing-- a good brawl. (Stay feisty, my friends.")  More than most sports, hockey polices its own, and prior to this 'engagement,' both of these dance partners were known as tough customers.
In the spirit of all things figure skaking, I thought maybe one of them would at least pull out a metal baton and hit the other on the knee. They did their best to save face and mix it up after serving their minors, but the damage to their image in cyberspace was done.  It's disappointing when we can make mention of a ice skating scandal of the 90's being more violent than a hockey fight.
We have all been punished for things we didn't do, but this is the first time two grown men get a penalty for not fighting.  Maybe they got the penalty for causing a delay of game rather than the fight that never was.