Blackhawks and Leafs: A Tale of Two Sweaters

Published on 14-Oct-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Blackhawks and Leafs: A Tale of Two Sweaters

Two of the NHL's most traditional sets of colors hit the ice this past weekend.

One out of respect.

The other out of the stands.

Pre-game projection shows have become quite the rage in the the league -- with major junior hockey following along -- and for good reason. They're ceative, dynamic, and an awesome use of a unique playing surface to enhance the fan experience.

Here's the show Chicago put on for its fans and viewers when it introduced its roster on Opening Night:

Is it any wonder why the Blackhawks are one of the Windy City's hottest tickets?

Of course, it doesn't hurt that the main on-ice product has become a fixture on the Cup-favorites list.

In contrast, in that portion of the continent known to some as down East, a 3D projection of sorts was on display. The Toronto Maple Leafs were in the process of being outclassed at home by Pittsburgh's Penguins when one already-disgusted fan did his bit for performance art:

The Edmonton incident refers to a fan who didn't even have the patience to wait longer than one game to register his displeasure at the Oil's same-old, same-old.

As to the remark alluding to that being only the Leafs' second game, TO fans have, painfully, come to know when they've seen the same movie before. Over and over and over.

Leafs tweet

For yet another season since 1967, there are gonna be many more that kind of nights in the self-proclaimed center of the hockey universe.