Bettman: Vegas Can Sell Season Tix for the Franchise It Doesn't Have

Published on 08-Dec-2014 by J Square Humboldt
NHL / NHL Daily Update

Vegas would have no shortage of ice girls.

No one does plausible deniability like the NHL.

For over a year, signs have been strewn everywhere that the league's gonna grow before it says it's gonna grow.

For example:

So while a 20,000 arena is going up in Las Vegas, orchestrated by a kajillionaire who's not stupid -- allegedly, given his choice of partners -- chances are it's more than likely the league's gonna grow, and possibly in that direction.

So the season-ticket drive in Las Vegas will be hyped to the max any day now.

The metro area indeed has a population of two million, but its work force is unique. Vegas truly is a city that never sleeps, meaning it runs three eight-hour working shifts per day. At least one of those shifts is sleeping at any given time.

Granted, that's not taking cocaine and greenies into the equation, but still, the practical number of potential fans available is a lesser percentage than would be found elsewhere.

There could be a question, then, of some ticket purchasers wondering later what they'd just bought. Still, that'll be right in line with the NHL's expansion position, which still has everyone wondering what is and what isn't.

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