Apparently, Nothing Says 'Vegas' Quite Like 'Golden Knights'

Published on 24-Nov-2016 by CJ

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Apparently, Nothing Says 'Vegas' Quite Like 'Golden Knights'

So this is how we got here:

  • The NHL couldn't wait for Seattle to get its act together any longer and just went ahead with one expansion team;
  • New owner Bill Foley's a West Point grad, so he wanted to emulate Army and call his new club the Black Knights; but
  • the Army didn't like it and the Chicago Blackhawks flat-out said no, so he tried for the Knights; but
  • The OHL team in London said no; so
  • He made some sorta deal with Clarkson College in Potsdam, New York; and then
  • He just grabbed Army's colors and went with ...


This is the league that leads the sporting world in glitz -- and bless it for popularizing the Ramones to arenas everywhere -- joining the city that totally overdoes glitz, and that's the best they can do for an unveiling?

It sounded more like any random dude named Morty's bar mitzvah.

Hockey fans on Twitter roasted the team name for being kinda dumb. For starters, it’s Vegas Golden Knights, probably because that's what rich white dudes say when they wanna sound heavy, right-on, and solid.

In case you don't speak Spanish and are wondering, Las Vegas simply translates to the meadows. Dropping the article las probably wouldn't mean much to a topographer, but it seems a bit arrogant for a team to rename its city.

Can't wait until they market games against the Strait Red Wings or the Royal Mountain Canadiens.

The press conference itself was extremely odd. The name was supposed to be unveiled via a video, but it wouldn’t play. As an alternative, Gary Bettman was introduced as decorum, but he was predictably and soundly booed.

Take a hint, dudes.

However, the club's cash registers are already singing a joyous tune:

Oddities aside, the Golden Knights are definitely ready for business.

Besides the whole having players thing.