26Billion Pixels, but There's Still Only One Cup

Published on 21-Jun-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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26Billion Pixels, but There's Still Only One Cup

It seems like after every historic event, legions of blowhards brag that they were there to see it.

Like, the 100,000 who were at CBGB's when the Ramones made their debut.

Or the 200,000 fans in Yankee Stadium when Reggie jacked three outa the yard.

But if someone claims to have been at the Madhouse on Madison when the Chicago Blackhawks won their third Stanley Cup in six years, the Truth-o-Meter can now be calibrated.


Just click on the panorama photo below to be taken to a 26,000,000,000-pixel photo of the Blackhawks big night, and mouse-scan the crowd for a familiar face:

26 billion pixel photo Madhouse on Madison


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