Would Sexy Rexy Return to the Jets?

Published on 1-Feb-2017 by CJ

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Would Sexy Rexy Return to the Jets?

In case it escaped your attention, the Super Bowl is this week.

It's allegedly a seminal event because it's just not the same on DVR and advertisers actually try. Of course, it also features the sort of halftime show white men in suits would stage.

It's also notable for being a game that pits the NFL’s two surviving best teams against one another.

Hopefully, these two dynamic offenses will give us a better game than we've seen for most of the playoffs.

But what's the fun in talking about successful and functional teams? No, it’s 'way more entertaining to look at the hilarity that is the New York Jets.

New England's AFC East buddies didn't exactly have the best of years in 2016:

What's more, the usual staple of a strong Gang Green defense put together a poor effort that saw them get smashed on several occasions.

Toss all these factors into the equation, and you get a 5-11 Jets crew that was only one win away from a playoff berth the season before.

Since it’s hard to can the 53 dudes on the roster, the Jets' second-year coach Todd Bowles found his name on the chopping block. Luckily for him, team owner and future UK ambassador Woody Johnson decided not to make a change.

However, a former face in the Jets clubhouse has arisen in connection to the still-filled Jets head coaching gig.

Rex Ryan, aka Sexy Rexy, stated in an interview that he would leave open the possibility of a return to the Jets. While he didn't say in so many words that he wants the Jets job, he did admit that he'd never say no if the Jets came a-calling.

OK, it’s hard to call the team dysfunctional for having an ex-coach say he'd like to come back. If anything, it shows that a former employee still respects the team that gave him his first big gig, even if the way he did it was more than awkward.

Gotta feel for Todd Bowles, though. 

Dude went from being a savior Year One to nearly being fired a calendar turn later. The last thing he probably wants to hear is his owner’s former coach and buddy talking about his job.

After putting together a second mediocre season in Buffalo, Ryan was dumped by the Bills with a week to go. If he did return to New York, even as a defensive coordinator, he'd be seen as looming over Bowles' shoulder. Just waiting. Like a vulture.

And yet, it's hard for Jets fans not miss the dude who used to explode with confidence from the podium.

Who else could talk with such sturm und drang about eating a snack?

The coolest part was his doing it within striking distance of the stuffed shirts at The Shield's command central.

And why Dr Scholl's doesn't pony up to make him the spokesman for their own Super Bowl commercial is a mystery for the ages.