Will the Real LeBron Please Pad Up?

Published on 29-Aug-2015 by Towner Park

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Will the Real LeBron Please Pad Up?

Lebron James must be pretty happy with himself.

If his ego isn't the size of Texas by now, it should be. Because even athletes who aren't even in his sport use his name as the barometer of who's the best of the best.

Adrian Peterson believes he's the best running back in the NFL, period. No questions. No arguments. No what ifs.

It's simple. "I'm the LeBron," Peterson proclaims.

The argument first sparked when Jamaal Charles, the outstanding running back for the Kansas City Chiefs first anointed himself as the "LeBron of football."

You can't really disagree with either player's self-confidence here, and Peterson isn't shy:

I can't knock Jamaal; he's a good friend of mine. But the one thing I always tell people is, 'If you don't think that you're the best, how will you ever become the best?' So I can't knock him, but I definitely have to say I'm the LeBron James.

Peterson will get his back up his bold statement against San Francisco during the Vikings' NFL regular-season opener.

I can't argue with this dude. He was the No 1 pick on my fantasy squad prior to his personal life going straight to hell.

Then there's Charles, who can certainlyn boast about his 5.5 yards per carry. Just imagine if the Chiefs decided to run him more, DeMarco Murray style.

Regardless, the title's still up for grabs this year.

Peterson's been given a second opportunity to prove he's still a lethal weapon in Minnesota, and Charles needs to stay healthy if he wants to stay a relevant part of the debate.

Maybe we just need LeBron to suit up for the Browns to determine the real King of the NFL.

And the way things are going in Cleveland, that isn't such an outlandish thought.