Will the Raiders Name Remain in Oakland?

Published on 18-Jan-2017 by CJ

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Will the Raiders Name Remain in Oakland?

What is it with the NFL and California?

First, the most tone-deaf league in North America blesses two of its franchises to a city that doesn't give a damn about them.

Now, it's considering a relocation of the one Cali team that evokes rabid emotion -- one way or another -- all over the state.

Does any doubt remain that kajillionaires live in a parallel universe?

Dudes can't take a hint.

And won't.

This totally sounds like a silver-spooner who inherited his wad instead of earning it:

Everyone knows that Los Angeles was the city of choice for the Silver & Black, who once called LA home before returning to Oakland. The Raiders had hoped the league would approve their joint stadium plan with the Chargers in Carson City.

Stan Kroenke changed all that.

What's more, The Shield's hatred of all things Davis ensured the Raiders would be the odd team out in the LA football equation.

With Oakland's city fathers adamant that pro teams can build their own playpens, Al's boy Mark has opted to try their luck in Sin City.

Davis the Younger is still ready to put up $500 million of the proposed $1.9billion domed stadium costs.

The Nevada government believed him, as they bought into the deal, along announcing a hotel tax to pay for the remaining costs.

Within a calendar year, then, the Raiders had cleared almost every hurdle between them and a Vegas move.

While Davis hasn't totally agreed to all the finer points, he's ready to file relocation papers before the league's Wed 15 Feb deadline.

While Patriots owner Robert Kraft has given soft support to the Raiders, it's not certain 22 other owners will concur. Oakland's still a viable market for the NFL.

Besides that, no self-respecting gang member would be seen without Raiders gear.

It's part and parcel synonymous with Cali culture, right up there with the Hell's Angels.

Well, they've got those colors and their own shield.

Does anyone want to see this crew blend into Vegas glitz?

Seems that both affected parties are in accord on that point. They've each launched petitions:

The Raiders may not be a traditional team per se, as they didn't come to life until the AFL was formed in 1960. But their colors, uniforms, and logo are so refreshingly bare-knuckled Old School that today's NFL almost doesn't deserve them.

It seems that's about to happen.