Why Johnny Manziel Is a Baller but Not a Winner

Published on 28-Jul-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Why Johnny Manziel Is a Baller but Not a Winner

The Cleveland Browns are finding out what a lot of us knew all along.

Johnny Manziel is a baller, not a winner.

Browns owner Jim Haslam is already growing tired of his star quarterback's antics.

I don't want to wear this subject out. Johnny said it himself. He made some mistakes. We expect better from him. I'm sure he'll perform now. We're anxious to see what he can do on the field, which is what really counts.

To which Manziel responded in a way that would put a tear in an old-school Oakland Raider's eye.

My life is incredible. I'm blessed to be in this position, and I'm going to have fun each and every day, whether it's practice, whether it's training camp, whether it's during the season and going out and playing the game, which will be even better, or it's going out in the offseason and playing golf or hanging out with my family. Life's fun and enjoy it while it's here.

Let me say this, Manziel is a baller. He's going to be the Bret Favre of our time. He'll make some great plays and out-duel severa quarterbacks in the league.

Problem is, he isn't a winner.

He's not the type to lead a team to a Super Bowl. It's not in him. He wants to have fun, but never have I heard Manziel say since turning pro that he wants to lead his team to the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

Want proof? Look at his college record. No SEC Championships, no BCS bowl games, and no national titles. But he did win the Heisman for doing what he does best.

Even Jerry Jones realized having Manziel on his team would be a mistake. Jerry Jones!

Haslam brought into the hype, and now he's stuck. So are the Browns.

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