Why Doesn't a Whole Damn NFL Division Just Move to LA?

Published on 20-Feb-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Why Doesn't a Whole Damn NFL Division Just Move to LA?

Where's Ken Behring when you need him?

He's the sleazeball real estate developer who tried to do an Irsay and ship the Seahawks outa Seattle when no one was looking.

If he could get his grubby hands on an NFL team somewhere, maybe the second time would be the charm.

Then, all he'd have to do is strike a deal with the Rams to share a stadium in Inglewood or sign a deal in downtown Los Angeles, and the NFL could do a bit of realigning. The Chargers and Raiders would be just a few zip codes away, trying to figure out how to pilot this UFO:

Proposed LA football stadium

Someone call the dudes at Guinness. Three teams using one city to extort their current municipalities at the same time has got to be a record that could only happen in the NFL.

The irony of it all is Tinseltown still sits in the only metropolis that two NFL franchises have moved from.

While the public yawns and politicians pander, the NFL's carpetbaggers continue to push opportunity cloaked as progress. And, as usual, the question lingers. Progress for whom?