Why Brees Is a Saint: Dolphins Docs Gave Him 25% Chance of Shoulder Recovery

Published on 27-Sep-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Why Brees Is a Saint: Dolphins Docs Gave Him 25% Chance of Shoulder Recovery

New Orleans Saints and Alabama fans should all send thank you cards to the Miami Dolphins team doctors.

If it weren't for them, Drew Brees and Nick Saban would both probably be in Miami. 

We all know the story that when Drew Brees was coming off of his shoulder injury, he was being considered by two teams: the Dolphins and Saints.

Brees was high on Saban's list until the team doctors informed Saban that they didn't think Brees would be able to make a comeback.

Brees discussed the situation in a recent Palm Beach Post article.

“I do remember [Saban] saying their doctors felt I had a 25% chance of coming back and playing,” Brees said. “I do believe I was [Miami’s] first choice, but there are no hard feelings.”

Just think how history would have changed had Brees become a Dolphin. Saban, in all likelihood, would have remained head coach and Brees may have been just the part they needed to get back to the Super Bowl.

Instead, Saban goes to Tuscaloosa, wins several national championships, and Brees becomes a Saint, wins a Super Bowl, and becomes one of the best passers in the game. And the Dolphins suffer the consequences. 

The Dolphins haven't been the same since Dan Marino left and have been trying to find that franchise quarterback for over a decade.

You've got to wonder where those doctors who said Brees probably wouldn't pay are today? My guess is picking up spare change on South Beach.

Although, Brees doesn't seem to upset that he didn't land in Miami.

“Everything happened the way it was supposed to,” Brees said. “I don’t think about it for a second. I really don’t. Obviously, Coach Saban has gone on and probably would not trade his career path for anything, either.”