Who Knows Where the Pro Bowl Will Go?

Published on 9-Apr-2014 by Coach

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Who Knows Where the Pro Bowl Will Go?

Someone please get the Pro Bowl a copy of Dr Seuss' Oh, the Places you'll Go!

Because this aspect of the NFL needs some direction in life. 

Since its inception in 1938, the Pro Bowl has been held at many stadiums before becaming a mainstay at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu after the 1979 regular season. It remained there until the 2010 Pro Bowl, where it was held at Sun Life Stadium in Miami. That move was prompted to promote better attendance at the game, which seemed to work; it gained roughly 20,000 more fans than its average gate in Hawaii. 

We all know more fans equal more money. And the NFL is all about the money.

However, the NFL moved the game back to Hawaii for the past four years and now plans on having the 2015 Pro Bowl in Arizona. It will then shift back to Aloha  Stadium for the 2016 Pro Bowl. 

Having been to the University of Pheonix for NCAA National Championship Games and Super Bowls, I can confirm the stadium and city is more than well equipped for the attendance; it's a sunny staycation for any Arizona Cardinal and most of the other NFL players who reside there. 

I actually like the idea of moving the Pro Bowl to the continental United States and maybe, once every blue moon, have the game in Hawaii.

But this is an All-Star game that no one takes seriously, and that most players with a stubbed toe skip. So focus it on the fans, and a traveling road show gets the party to more of them, keeping it the novelty of an experience that it should be.