Where'd the 'L' go in Super Bowl 50? Ask Carolina

Published on 8-Feb-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Where'd the 'L' go in Super Bowl 50? Ask Carolina

Last year, the big stories were air being taken out of footballs and a frozen moment that defined the Super Bowl.

This year, the air being taken out of the NFL's pompous hyprocrisy was symbolized by the fact it didn't think the Roman numeral for 50 looked sexy enough.

And then, there was a frozen moment that could well haunt Cam Newton for years to come.

Fourth quarter. Dying minutes. The sort of situation that defines great quarterbacks if they lead a valiant drive to spur a comeback. It's also when he who hesitates is lost:

As poorly as Newton and the football got along all day, this probably shouldn't have been a surprise.

  • Dude was XVIII-for-XLI ... Whoops! This is Super Bowl 50 ... 18-for-41 passing with 265 yards;
  • There was an interception tossed in for good measure; and
  • He lost two fumbles that sure as hell looked like II fumbles.

He might want to work in a couple of routines that actually include a pigskin this off-season.

Actually, Peyton Manning's performace wasn't much more productive than Newton's. He just didn't treat the football like a hand grenade.

The media can Peyton this and Sheriff that all they want. The cold fact remains that this was a Super Bowl where both defenses were the headliners.

Defense stats

Toss in the point that both Bronco touchdowns were set up by turnovers, and it's no wonder Von Miller was named the game's MVP.

Denver Post

So while Manning rode off into the sunset after a post-game speech where he went out of his way to mention one of the few products he doesn't endorse, defensive coordinator Wade Phillips stood on that podium, too, feeling warm and fuzzy for more than just himself and his squad.

He was surely thinking about his late father, legendary Houston Oilers coach Bum Phillips, who couldn't get past the Pittsburgh Steelers in their dynasty days. Dude was beaten but never bowed:

They got there.