When Irrelevance Is Apropos

Published on 9-May-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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When Irrelevance Is Apropos
Everything about the final momnts of this year's NFL draft was relevant for Justice Cunningham.
Even when the announcer uttered the wrong name, Cunningham felt the opportunity of being picked as very relevant.
Despite that slip of tongue, Cunningham will have the honor of holding the somewhat feigned title as Mr Irrelevant.   Cunningham will even receive the hilarious Lowsman Trophy, a trip to Disneyland, and be the main attraction at the Irrelevant Week Parade in Newport Beach, California, this summer.
While there are many jokes about being picked last, I'm sure there are hundreds, even thousands, of athletes who would love to have been picked last rather than trying to start their professional football career as an undrafted free agent.
Will Justice Cunningham make the Colts' final roster?
Time will only tell. It won't be easy because Cunningham joins a tight end fraternity already occupied by two of the Colts' top selections from last year in Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen, but don't count Cunningham out because he seems superior in some regards to his new teammates. While both Fleener and Allen are better known for their athleticism and pass-catching ability, Cunningham fills the need for an extremely strong blocking tight end.
Another plus for Cunningham is that Indianapolis Colts held the Mr Irrelevant pick last year and used it to take Chandler Harnish, He's still with the team and has offered to put his new teammate and club member in the locker next to his.
Ryan Grigson is an excellent GM, and we can be sure he realized that  Cunningham faced the best competition college football can provide by playing in the SEC, which would  lay the groundwork for him to thrive in the pros.
Hopefully, the Colts having the last pick two years in a row is a good omen. Just as last year's Mr Irrelevant has found a place on the roster, when dust settles from draft-weekend jitters and the football itinerary progresses to minicamps and then to the opening snap of Week 1, don't be surprised if Cunningham is, too.