Wait, What? Tyrod Taylor Gets a Massive Extension?

Published on 17-Aug-2016 by Swami Brown

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Wait, What? Tyrod Taylor Gets a Massive Extension?

This one should be coming from The Angry White Dude himself.

Instead, I'll give him a break while I dive into what mistakes the Buffalo Bills may have made this go around.

Recently, the Buffalo Bills and quarterback Tyrod Taylor agreed on a 6-year, $92million extension. This decision is a franchise-changer for the team from the Flour City, but this isn't one of those deals you see and think it makes sense.

No, this is one of those deals where you think drug testing needs to be expanded

This isn't to say that the Bills are just throwing away money with this move, but this off-season hasn't been a wise one for the dudes in upstate New York.

Let's try to look at the positives out of this.

For starters, Taylor is coming off his first Pro Bowl season after spending last year as Buffalo's full-time starter for the 14 games he was healthy. In those games, dude had 3000 passing yards, ran for almost six hundred more, and had 24 total touchdowns. 

Not to mention, Taylor's only 27, so he's not exactly a spring chicken, but he's no rusty rooster either.

Yeah, right.

Unfortunately, that's where the positivity ends.

The negatives on the quarterback known as T-Mobile are that he fumbled the ball nine times last season, losing six of them.

It's tough to support giving such a huge deal to a player who has only started one season and wasn't healthy for all 16 games. Mobile quarterbacks are hard enough to trust with consistency and injuries are almost a sure thing.

To boot, the Bills finished 8-8 -- which was a step backwards from the year prior -- and missed out on the playoffs for the 16th straight season. the longest active playoff drought in the league today. 

And that's the quarterback Buffalo wants starting for the next six years?

Correct-o-mundo, Tom. It makes absolutely no sense.

This deal is reminiscent of the contracts doled out to Ryan Tannehill and Jay Cutler, where chuckerss who aren't yet deserving of mega-bucks get them just so the team feels 'secure' at the quarterback position for years down the road. 

Seems like one sucker team does it every year, so some bright light must've figured it was Buffalo's turn.

This upcoming season should've been Taylor's prove it season. However, NFL clubss are so quick to pull the trigger on critical decisions that are classic cases of overthinking.

When will they learn that patience is truly a virtue?

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