Wade Phillips Suffers Super Bowl Ring Indignity

Published on 17-Jun-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Wade Phillips Suffers Super Bowl Ring Indignity

Wade Phillips waited a very long time to be part of a Super Bowl championship team.

It finally came to pass last season, as the Broncos and their dominant defense took the big prize.

While this should be a moment of vindication and relief for the often-ridiculed Phillips, the recent ring ceremony served up more familiar confusion and befuddlement for the lovable defensive coordinator.

Phillips did, in fact, receive his long coveted ring, but unfortunately his last name was changed to Peters.

Somehow, it seems appropriate that this would happen to Phillips and no one else.

Dude handled it with typical good humor.

Of course, this silly mistake has been quickly rectified. Phillips just received his replacement ring, complete with accurate surname.

Dude decided to show off both rings.

Phillips has always been perceived as a better coordinator than head coach. There's no denying his defensive acumen, but his overall record as a head coach at multiple stops is a very respectable 82-64.

Wade Phillips enjoying his Super Bowl run

Despite the initial nonsense, Wade finally got the correct bling, although this incident does provide some fresh material for the next Phillips roast.

Meanwhile, all of these Wade Peters dudes remain ringless:

Wade Peters

Bummer for them.

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