Tony Romo: Job Creator

Published on 21-Mar-2013 by D E Caton

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Tony Romo: Job Creator

Tony Romo, NFL starting quarterback and Rico Suavé to the starlets, is also a job creator to the Dallas brass.

Just in case you missed it; Dallas is in a tight spot.  Currently, the 'Boys only have a cushion of $100k in their nest egg; not nearly enough to even sign a seventh round selection, let alone an entire draft of rookie prospects.

Ol’ Jerry has already restructured a number of deals that include: Demarcus Ware, Miles Austin, Brandon Carr, and Jason Witten.  That still didn’t help, because good Ol’Jerry feels that by franchise-tagging Anthony Spencer, it gives him leverage.

Spencer’s agent knows the Cowboys' cap issues.  So why negotiate anything that doesn’t give Anthony what he wants?

Insert Tony Romo!

  • Tony’s cap hit this season is $16.8 million
  • Anthony Spencer is going to collect $10.6 million

Regardless of what Jerry does, Spencer is going to get paid, either as a Cowboy next year or as a traded commodity.

But, back to my description of Tony. Did I mention he has a thing for blondes?  Anyway, Romo becomes a job creator if he restructures his contract. He’s going to offer some wiggle room for Jones.  Not nearly enough for free agents, but at least the Cowboys front office could sign their draft picks.

And as a result, Romo has helped our economy by creating jobs!  And they say Tony can’t get it done! Pfft!