Tom Brady Not a Top-5 QB? Says Who?

Published on 4-Jun-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Tom Brady Not a Top-5 QB? Says Who?

As I was going through my Twitter feed recently, I came across an provocative article that claimed Tom Brady is no longer a Top Five quarterback.

The author points out how Brady ranked 28th in the league in passing efficiency and how his numbers have been slowly decreasing over the years.

Not to mention that he hasn't a won a Super Bowl in a while, which is probably the main reason this article was written.


Have people forgotten what Tom Brady went through last season? And yet, performances like this just kept happening:

First, he lost his ace wide receiver ,Wes Welker, to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

Another top receiver, tight end Aaron Hernandez, was arrested for murder. Last, but not least, Rob Gronkowski -- when he wasn't partying -- was injured most of the time.

Oh, and did we mention he didn't have much of a running game?

Yet, despite all that, the New England Patriots not only made the playoffs but advanced all the way to the AFC Championship game.

And he's not Top Five? He and Manning are the only two quarterbacks in the league who have gone to the Super Bowl three times or more. Not Drew Brees, not Aaron Rodgers, not Phillip Rivers.

And he's not Top Five? He's also the only quarterback in the league who currently has three Super Bowl rings, the only quarterback to do that since Troy Aikman.

How quickly we've forgotten how good Brady really is.

It seems like every time Peyton Manning has a banner year, Brady comes back to have a bigger year the following season. Don't be surprised if that's the case this season.