Terrell Owens: McNabb was Jealous of Me

Published on 12-Feb-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Terrell Owens: McNabb was Jealous of Me

Terrell Owens just can't seem to stay away from the spotlight, no matter how hard he doesn't try.

The former wide receiver, who's been out of the league for a while now, can't seem to keep his mouth shut and stop picking on his former teammates.

The person he seems to love to pick on the most is former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb.

Now, it's no secret that McNabb and TO never got along, but Owens says he thinks he knows why. He think the fans embraced him more.

“I think he felt kind of slighted at how, honestly, at probably the way the team, well actually the city, just embraced me while I was there considering when he got drafted, [Eagles fans] didn’t want him there and things like that,” Owens said to a Philly radio station. “And then when I came there and I played so well ... I wasn’t trying to take away from Donovan’s limelight or anything.”

Owens continued:.

"Main questions they asked him was, ‘Are you guys gonna win, can you guys win without TO?’” Owens said. “I think [McNabb] kind of got upset and annoyed at the fact that he felt his skills were kind of being undermined as one of the reasons why they got to the Super Bowl.”

Normally, I would say that it's just TO's ego talking again, but the way McNabb acted while he was in Philly and the way he acted after he left the Eagles leads me to think that Owens is right.

McNabb was bitter while TO was there, he was bitter after TO was gone, and he is bitter now in retirement. He keeps on running his mouth about current NFL players, including RG III, as if he is jealous of them, too. 

This may be one of the few times TO might actually have a case about something. Not often does that happen, folks, so don't get used to it.