Tim Tebow to Sign with the Patriots

Published on 11-Jun-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Tim Tebow to Sign with the Patriots

Tim Tebow has finally found an NFL home, and you'll be surprised where he landed.

Or not.

According to reports, Tebow will become a member of the New England Patriots and will be in mini camp this week.

We reported a two months ago that speculation had it that Tebow could sign with the Pats because of offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who used to be Tebow's head coach in Denver.

But that report subsided when Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said he hated Tebow as a player and disliked his style of play, Well, he obviously changed his mind.

Even though Tebow will most likely sit on the bench, this could be what saves his career at quarterback. He can learn from one of the best in Tom Brady, and he is back with the guy who believed in his talent in the first place: McDaniels.

It would be just like the Patriots to throw salt in the New York Jets' wound by sending in Tebow on a short-and-goal to score a touchdown against them this season.

Stay tuned.