This Year's NFL Turkey: The G-Men

Published on 29-Nov-2013 by Chips 10

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This Year's NFL Turkey: The G-Men

Taking a look at the 2013 NFL season as it heads into the homestretch, there's the usual array of teams that have been truly disappointing.

The Bills and Browns figured to improve this season, but they're where they usually are, in last place. The Raiders play hard all the time but are still in last place, having just lost two tough games in four days to virtually eliminate themselves from the playoffs. The Texans are the biggest bust in the AFC, sitting at 2-9 after a 2-0 start. Some even mentioned 'Super Bowl' and 'Texans' in the same sentence back in September, but perhaps they should first talk about being playoff regulars first.

Atlanta and Washington have been gigantic busts in the NFC. The Falcons came within one play of the Super Bowl last season and were favored to get close this year. But at 2-9, that dream is long over; they're just playing out the string. RGIII and the Redskins are buried in last place in the NFC East and looked pathetic against the 49ers last week, dropping to 3-8 on the season.

Amidst all that carnage, the biggest disappointment by far is the New York Giants. Yes, they started 0-6 and won four in a row to become relavant again. Yes, they have luckily won two Super Bowls in the last seven years and are a class organization most of the time. However, the chirping that went on before and after the Dallas game was pitiful.

First of all, Terrell Thomas guaranteed a victory over the Cowboys. How did that work out? Then Jason-Pierre Paul -- a shell of the player he used to be -- talks about blood and how the it will be a big day for the Giants. The final score -- 24-21, Dallas -- tells a different story.

Tom Coughlin is a classy coach, and I don't understand how he puts up with all the antics. Brandon Jacobs runs for four yards and starts pounding his chest. Victor Cruz and his salsa will cost him someday, as the opposing defenses will grow tired of it sooner or later and level him. Justin Tuck and his tweets are embarrassing, especially because he's just another player who's over the hill. Yes, Justin, we know you have two rings. But shut up; no one really cares.

So the Giants will play the Redskins tomorrow and most likely win, and after that may climb back to 6-7 or 7-7, giving their diehard fans some hope. If they do, watch all the chest bumping, dancing, and listen for all their chirping.

But this year's G-men won't sustain a lucky streak. They'll soon lose, and when they do, they'll collectively crawl into their shells and blame someone else for the loss.