This 12th Man Stuff Just Keeps Getting Dumber

Published on 7-Jul-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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This 12th Man Stuff Just Keeps Getting Dumber

OK, OK. Cultures find order in rituals.

That's all fine and dandy, but when they become the focal point instead of the history they're supposed to commemorate, rituals are ridiculous.

Who remembers that the Star Spangled Banner was first played during the seventh-inning stretch as a show of patriotism? So isn't God Bless America redundant, unless the Philadelphia Flyers roll out an old Kate Smith video?

At least the Flyers aren't getting their knickers in a twist when, decades later, all of baseball decided that to honor America, it had to do something besides honoring America just before the game began. Besides, to protest and/or sue over something like that would be beyond stupid.

But stupidity, like rust, never sleeps. Wait for it ...

Yes, the 12th Man is a Texas A&M tradition. Aggies fans mean it. They actually stand as part of the ritual, which is more than any Seattle Seahawks ritual-stealer would ever do.

And while it's understandable that die-hard property protectors like Texas A&M would get their collective noses bent out of joint because NFL teams don't do or steal anything that doesn't have profit potential, what does this fine institute of higher learning think it's accomplishing by picking on a disabled dude who loves his team and wants it to stay right where it is?

How hard would it have been for A&M to reach a short-term licensing agreement with him instead of throwing its weight around like the corporate bully it appears to be?

The irony is that the 12th Man is founded on a loyal fan's commitment to take great lengths to selflessly help his team.

Just another ritual that's lost its meaning.