There's an Extra 'F' in FXFL for a Reason

Published on 29-Oct-2014 by Alan Adamsson

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There's an Extra 'F' in FXFL for a Reason

Full marks for trying.

And there's no doubt about it, the Fall Experimental Football League -- aka FXFL -- is trying. Extremely trying. As extremely as that trendy X is trying to imply.

Yes, there needs to be some sort of minor league for pro football so athletes who require more refinement and/or have no interest in the student portion of student-athlete can hone their skills and maintain their hopes of hitting the big time.

But, as Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert recently alluded, the FXFL isn't it.

Trying to make it in New York, New York is an understandable objective, as the song says, but does anywhere really mean Omaha?

That's one hella road trip.

And for anyone wondering what happened to Taj Boyd, look closely or you'll miss him:

The disturbing trend of broadcasters being shills is on solid ground here.

If any league needs a digital media guide, this one's it. Boyd is listed on the Florida Blacktips roster, which became the homeless Blacktips, and the former Clemson chucker has already moved on.

And if only the highlight reel was captivating enough to overshadow the massively empty seats:

If ever a league needed cheerleaders and cut-priced beer, this is it.

Then again, maybe not.