The Tuna Regrets Leaving New England

Published on 24-Jun-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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The Tuna Regrets Leaving New England

This is a rarity for Bill Parcells.

Admitting he is wrong about something may come as a shocker to many. But the Tuna says one of his few regrets is leaving the New England Patriots the way that he did.

Parcells talked about his departure with USA Today.

“I regret leaving New England,” Parcells said.

“Had we done things differently … I had a good, young team there. I hated to leave that team, because I knew what we could do. I was absolutely too headstrong. And [owner Robert Kraft] might have been a little headstrong, too. I think both Kraft and myself, retrospectively, would have done things a little differently.”

Pats owner Robert Kraft admitted himself that he and Parcells didn't see eye to eye at times. 

"When I bought the team in 1994 ... he was coaching year to year, making personnel decisions. He used to drive down to [his home in] Jupiter, Fla, at the end of the year, and he'd say he'd decide whether he was coming back to coach. That didn't inspire confidence in me."

We all know Parcells has a reputation of being a hardass, which has served him well over the years, but you know it has to eat him up inside that he could have been known as the architect who built the New England Patriots into a powerhouse, instead of Bill Belichick.

But Parcells didn't do too badly himself. He restored the New York Giants, and he briefly did that with the Dallas Cowboys as well (notice he didn't say he regretted leaving there), so Dolphins aside, I think the Tuna still did alright for himself.