The Texans Are in a QB Continuum

Published on 17-Jan-2017 by CJ

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The Texans Are in a QB Continuum

Houston, you have a problem.

Yet again, the Texans find themselves in a deep dilemma at season’s end.

For the second straight year, the Steer Heads reigned supreme in the AFC South.

They were led by a solid defense, despite the loss of JJ Watt this season.

They had a major malfunction, though, at the quarterback positon.

After their 2015 humiliating home playoff loss against the Chiefs, Houston realized the importance of having a good QB. One at the very least, anyway. The Texans needed a warm body who's somewhat competent at slinging a pigskin to a teammate.

For this reason, the Texans bought into Brock Osweiler at the hefty price of $72million to be the featured slinger.

While dude was thought of highly by the Broncos, it seemed like Houston was throwing the kitchen sink at a chucker who had barely logged a half-season’s worth of starting time.

As a Texan, Osweiler looked very much the part of a dude who was in 'way over his head.

By October, pundits were already asking if buyer’s remorse was setting in.

For whatever reason, coach Bill O’Brien kept Osweiler as his starting slinger until Week 15, when he finally benched him for Tom Savage.

Suffice to say the Texans fans were right there with the coach.

Savage led a comeback against the Jags to clinch a playoff spot but got hurt in the team’s final game. This threw Osweiler back into the fire for Houston's playoff game against the Raiders.

Gotta say, though, dude redeemed himself, throwing for a touch and 168 yards plus running for one in the team’s 27-14 victory.

This basking in glory didn't last long. Last weekend, Bad Brock showed up again, throwing three costly picks in the loss.

This means for the third straight year, Houston has a QB issue. In both the regular season and the playoffs, Osweiler didn't exactly distinguish himself. The club would have to swallow hard to cut him, because it would come with a $25million cap hit.

It'd also place serious trust in Savage after only one starting gig. 

Option 2 would be to pit Osweiler and Savage in a QB competition, but that’s far from reassuring for Texans fans. Neither one is liekly to improve all that much by next September. 

Option 3, however, is by the far the most interesting and risky. Should the Texans take a chance on a certain backup named Tony Romo?

We all know Romo’s injury history, but we also know that dude's a starwhen healthy.

If the Texans really want to go for it in 2017, they could attempt a trade with the Cowboys at the cost of a few picks and taking on his contract. They could also hope that the ‘Boys cut Romo, but that only makes sense from a financial standpoint. That's not always the case in JerryWorld.

Whoever becomes the Texans' QB in 2017, they should be able to compete in the barely competent AFC South.

The real question is, after blowing $72mil on one premature move, is Houston willing to risk it again?