The Same Old Swan Song: Dallas Fails to Secure a Playoff Berth

Published on 30-Dec-2013 by Towner Park

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The Same Old Swan Song: Dallas Fails to Secure a Playoff Berth

The opportunity was there but the Dallas Cowboys couldn't capitalize on Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles.

For the third consecutive season, the Cowboys had the chance to secure not only the NFC East crown but a playoff berth as well. And for the third consecutive season, they failed to come through with a crucial victory.

And you certainly can't blame Tony Romo for this defeat.

The Cowboys had a plethora of chances in the second half, especially with the Eagles sputtering on offense. With Kyle Orton at the helm, and with a rowdy home crowd offering their unconditional support, Dallas couldn't capitalize when it mattered most.

Kyle Orton, filling in for a injured Romo did a phenomenal job throughout the majority of the game for being a complete non-factor during the entire season. Without starting in two years, Orton finished the game with 358 passing yards in 30 completions on 46 attempts. You could definitely tell that Orton was prepared and did what he could to keep Dallas competitive.

However, despite his passing stats, which included two touchdowns, he did throw two costly interceptions. After trailing by eight, Orton found Dez Bryant for a 32-yard touchdown pass, but he couldn't convert the 2-point conversion when the play dictated that he to go back to Dez.

Suprisingly, down by two, it was the Cowboys defense that came up big and stopped the prolific Eagles offense from running out the clock. With less than two minutes remaining, Dallas had an opportunity to win the game with a field goal, but an ill-timed and poorly thrown pass by Orton cost them the game. Brandon Boykin sealed the deal when he caught Orton's poorly thrown ball and the Eagles went on to claim the NFC East Divisional crown.

For the Eagles and Chip Kelly, this win was monstrous.

For the Cowboys, they end the regular season, again, at 8-8. Three full years under Jason Garrett's management has equated to three consecutive 8-8 seasons and zero playoff berths. That would be due to three blown opportunites to win the NFC East playing crucial end-of-season games for the divisional crown.

Yet again, it's another disappointing year in Dallas as the question, "What, if?" looms large.

If something drastic doesn't happen within this organization, we Cowboy fans had best accept mediocrity.

I don't understand how Jerry Jones can tolerate this, but then again, can anyone understand what Jerry Jones does anymore?