The Return of Randy? Moss Says Maybe

Published on 25-Aug-2015 by CJ

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The Return of Randy? Moss Says Maybe

It’s been a sad two years in the NFL without Randy Moss.

The only thing that prevent Randy from achieving GOAT status was Moss himself.

His career was hampered by a number of off-field incidents and other questionable decisions.

But the SuperFreak lit up defenses during his 14-year career, breaking a slew of records along the way.

Warts aside -- tough to do in The Shield's ivory tower mindset -- Moss had an amazing NFL career and has even achieved post-NFL success as a Fox Sports analyst.

Life, it seems, worked out well. However, it should come as no surprise that Moss wants back into the game.

During a pregame show for the Titans-Rams preseason game, FOX host Curt Menefee asked Randy about potentially returning to the game. While Randy didn’t give a definite answer either way, he dropped some pretty strong hints that a comeback may be in the works. Watch here for yourself.

This wouldn't mark the first time Moss has come out of retirement. Dude came back after sitting out the 2011 season to play for the 49ers. Even last year, he mentioned a possible return to the NFL, but only to hook up with a Peyton Manning-esque player.

Moss may be past his prime, but recent injures to Jordy Nelson and Kelvin Benjamin may pique the interest of the Packers and Panthers. Perhaps Moss is nowhere near as good anymore as either of those two players, but what’s the harm in signing him to a minimum contract right now?