The 'Phins Phire Philbin

Published on 5-Oct-2015 by Matt Modz

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The 'Phins Phire Philbin

After going undefeated for one game, the Dolphins have now dropped three in a row.

That's a quarter of the season wasted.

So, what else would a knee-jerk franchise do? Of course. It gave head coach Joe Philbin the boot.

Although, how much blame should really be piled onto Philbin's shoulders?

Sure, he's more of an offensive mind, and the team's play-calling on that side of the ball has been questionable, to say the very least.

However, the Miami defense is a catastrophe. Hell, Grenada put up a better fight against the US Marines.

It's hard to see Philbin go while the defensive coaching staff remains intact.

Perennial Pro-Bowler Cameron Wake -- who had amassed 20 sacks and five forced fumbles over the last two seasons -- has just one tackle through the first quarter of the season. Other notable Dolphins who've amassed one tackle include Ryan Tannehill, Mike Pouncey, and Jonas Gray .

Yes, those dudes all play offense.

The 'Phins have generated one sack this season, thanks to rookie defensive tackle Jordan Phillips, who also has but one tackle this season. Dolphins fans must be thrilled.

Jarvis Landry is seemingly the only player on the squad with any hunger to win right now. It'd seem logical to give him the ball more, but dude's already been targeted 20 times more than the next receiver.

Landry's also amongst the top rushers on the team. With just five carries, he sits one yard behind Jonas Gray and 83 behind leading rusher Lamar Miller.

Miami looked promising heading into the season, and now, at 1-3, doesn't seem to stand much of a chance when stacked up against their AFC East counterparts.

But the page is turned. Time to see what interim head coach -- and former tight ends coach -- Dan Campbell can do. He seems confident he can hold onto the head job going into next season. But that's a bold statement coming from someone who was handed the keys to a car without an engine.