The Pack's Spectacular, but Arizona Advances

Published on 17-Jan-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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The Pack's Spectacular, but Arizona Advances

If nothing else, Green Bay's got the Hail Mary play sorted out.

However, in their case, there actually is nothing else.

The Arizona Cardinals used a big play of their own to punch a ticket to the NFC's title game.

Here's how Larry Fitzgerald and the return team do overtime:

So this capper was only fitting:

And the only reason the Cardinals needed Fitzerald's heroics in overtime is that Aaron Rodgers has a supernatural radar to complement his superhuman arm.

Here's how he put together a last-minute, game-tying drive:

And then, as he did in Detroit during the regular season, Coach Mike McCarthy deployed some of his receivers to occupy the DBs while having the real target drift into the end zone, clearing space as he retreats.

This time, it was Jeff Janis, taking advantage of the fact that two Arizona defenders were fixated on the ball more than on him:

Who knew Cris Collinsworth had been working on his chainsaw impression?

Dude needs work, but he's getting there.

That was NBC's last NFL game of the season, so Collinsworth has an entire off-season to work on it.

Kinda like the Packers.