The Official Roddy White Fan Club

Published on 10-Nov-2013 by Raoul Duke

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The Official Roddy White Fan Club

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White has never been hesitant about opening his mouth and pontificating on a variety of topics.

In the past, he's weighed in on the Michael Vick conviction and the George Zimmerman verdict, among other subjects.

This week, his running feud with Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has been reignited.  

Of course, Sherman is not exactly shy about sharing his opinion, either. He frequently obliterates the line between confidence and arrogance, but there's no denying his talent and production. The highly quotable Sherman even shared his thoughts recently on a hypothetical NFL commissioner platform.

These two big league talkers are at it again in anticipation of the Falcons vs Seahawks tilt today at the Georgia Dome. And it seems Sherman appears to be doing all of the talking at the moment.

Reporters this week asked Sherman about the prospect of facing White on Sunday. He responded with a brief question of his own.

“What challenge?” Sherman mused.

Nicely done.

Later, he was asked about any possible extra motivation for this game, in light of the Seahawks' 30-28 loss to the Falcons last season in the NFC Divisional Round.

"No," Sherman replied, "We're an 8-1 ballclub, they're a 2-6 ballclub. Facts."

Well, there you go.

Sherman doesn't appear to have much respect for White or the Falcons. Whether this apparent animosity -- which can be traced back to the playoff game last year and then escalated over the offseason -- is actually genuine is anyone’s guess.

I'm apathetic towards both of these players, but any extended jawing in the NFL is always welcomed, particularly when the game itself is likely to be ho-hum.

Rivalries or feuds between individual players, be they real or manufactured, can be quite amusing.

White has yet to acknowledge Sherman and his less than flattering commentary. Perhaps the current state of the Falcons combined with his own injury-laden season has compelled Roddy to remain mute.

Whatever the case, any additional back and forth could prove to be more entertaining than the actual game.

Let's all hope the verbal jousting continues indefinitely.