The NFL Sunday Million Keeps on Paying

Published on 13-Dec-2014 by The Dudes

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The NFL Sunday Million Keeps on Paying

The NFL season may be winding down, and for many people the fantasy football season is all but over; but not if they're playing on FanDuel!

Get over the heartbreak of missing your fantasy football playoffs by going deep into the NFL season on FanDuel!

It runs the industry's leading leagues every week through the conference championships.

That's right. On FanDuel, there are six more weeks of fantasy football action. Even if you haven't played yet this season, now is a great time to get started. They're still paying out over $10million every week!

Here's where the weekly Sunday Million league stands right now:

  • $2million in total prizes, with
  • $200,000 to first place,
  • All for a meager $25 entry fee.

There's also the Sunday Rush:

  • $600,000 in total prizes, with
  • $50,000 to first place,
  • All for a paltry $5 entry fee.

It's simple to play. If you've ever entered a fantasy league online, you'll know what to do here. If you haven't, you'll quickly see that all you need to do is draft the NFL players you think will rack up the most fantasy points.

Here are a few tips from the geeks who work for the Gray Lady herself:

Listen to the smooth dude. Would those dulcid tones let you down?

Bonus time: If you're really into it, here's a long-form fantasy preview of this weekend's action: