The NFL's Largest Man Throws a TD Pass

Published on 26-Dec-2016 by Raoul Duke

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The NFL's Largest Man Throws a TD Pass

Well, that was unusual.

Late in the Kansas City Chiefs 33-10 dismantling of the defending Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos, head coach Andy Reid flipped to a seldom used appendix in the playbook.

With two minutes remaining and the game well in hand, 346-pound nose tackle Dontari Poe lined up in the backfield near the goal line, took a direct snap and threw a touchdown pass.

Yes, this actually happened:

Told you.

This is somewhat uncharacteristic of Reid, whose name is more synonymous with painfully conservative clock management than imaginative play calling.

However, it appears there was some extra sugar in the Kool Aid last night.

During the broadcast, Al Michaels mused that this was probably the first time a defensive lineman had thrown a touchdown pass and recorded a sack in the same season.

Even though sacks have only been an official statistic since 1982, this is probably a safe assumption.

Poe showed some impressive mobility for a frighteningly large man as he dusted off the old Tim Tebow jump pass, minus the religious fervor of course:

Apparently, the novelty of seeing lineman in the backfield is still a thing.

While the Chiefs and their fans were having a swell time, the Broncos seemed incredulous after the play.

Denver was officially eliminated from the post-season with the loss and will therefore be unable to defend their title.

The completely unnecessary gimmick touchdown at the end of a blowout loss only added to the indignity, a fact that will surely provide some additional intrigue when the two teams hook up again next season.

Meanwhile, Alex Smith should be looking over his shoulder, as the dynamic Poe is creeping up that QB depth chart.