The NFL Is Upside Down

Published on 22-Sep-2013 by Chips 10

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The NFL Is Upside Down

With Week 3 in the books for the NFL, we're already seeing crazy scenarios in both conferences.

This is just for starters:

And the Jets ... the Jets!

There's more.

The New York Giants went to Carolina in a must-win situation. Tom Coughlin's crowd usually comes out of those situations with a victory. Not today, in a big way, as Eli Manning was sacked seven times in an embarrasing 38-0 loss. That leaves the Cowboys two games ahead of them and three ahead of the winless Washington Redskins, who dropped their second home game of the year to the Detroit Lions. RGIII is now 0-3. They must be putting kryptonite in his Subways.

Seattle's Seahawks are doing what they're supposed to do, as they've jumped out to a 3-0 record for the first time since 2006, but the San Francisco 49ers have now been trounced by the Seahawks on the road last week and were beaten up at home by the Colts this week. They need to de-funk quickly if they don't want any extra hurdles to the Super Bowl this season.

The New Orleans Saints welcomed coach Sean Payton back and are 3-0, but the Atlanta Falcons are two games behind already after losing today. This was the year the Falcons were supposed to take the next step and get to the Super Bowl in New Jersey. However, they're got some work to do before packing their winter underwear.

Even Green Bay is 1-2 because they can't stop anyone on defense.

It is a crazy league so far, and while there's no way anyone is picking the Raiders to beat the Broncos in the Monday night match-up, the 2013 version of the NFL is following St Peter Rozelle's marketing plan to perfection.

That is, "On any given Sunday ..."