The Mess in Miami: Shannon Sharpe Summation Nails It

Published on 11-Nov-2013 by J Square Humboldt

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The Mess in Miami: Shannon Sharpe Summation Nails It

Out of the barren wasteland that is national network halftime shows comes an emotion-baring, stripped-down commentary that tells the stupidity of intolerance like it is.

It came in the wake of a Richie Incognito media whirlwind mini-tour that fell flat on its face. And it came from a respected member of the NFL ranks who has seen more than his share of locker rooms, who knows the culture, and believes the 'boys will be boys' argument is a shallow rationalization.

Watch as Shannon Sharpe transcends from the banality that is ex-jock banter that viewers usually consign to background noise, rising to a must-see crescendo of full-on confrotation of the root cause underlying not only the Incognito-Jonathan Martin controversy but any environment where demeaning attitudes are met with apathy:

What with the insidiousness this issue carries -- from slurs in private to attempts at blocking the right of minorities to vote in elections -- intolerance may never be eliminated, but it can certainly be arrested in small pockets like locker rooms.

It remains to be seen if the NFL brass gives this matter more than the usual lip service while it waits for the firestorm to die down. However, just as they were dragged, kicking and screaming, to acknowledge the dangers of concussions, perhaps more overt stances like Sharpe's can embarass them into backing up their smug attitude about the NFL being relevant in American society with actions of substance.

The Miami mess wouldn't have happened if those in charge didn't let it happen. That can be remedied. In a hurry. This isn't about creating hall monitors. It's about setting an example from the top.

Change only comes when people care enough to make it come. And this issue's time has come.