The Jets' New Air Marshall: Turbulence Ahead?

Published on 9-Mar-2015 by Davis McGregor

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The Jets' New Air Marshall: Turbulence Ahead?

What’s the deal New York?

They finally managed to banish Rex Ryan upstate to Buffalo but call up the Ringling Bros.

Because the circus continues.

Wideout Brandon Marshall is coming off a rough season, but there's no doubt the 30-year-old receiver still has a little left in the tank. And there's no doubt the Jets sending a late pick -- likely a fifth- or sixth-rounder -- in exchange for that production is worth it. But there’s always a catch.

The thing I hate about this trade is that its eerily similar to one I saw last season: the Jets dealing a low-end draft pick for a talented receiver riddled with off-field issues.

The whole Percy Harvin experiment blew up in the Jets' face after he only managed to pull in 29 receptions and 1 TD.

Marshall has also had issues with both his prior teams, and much of that has revolved around his attraction to the media. Who knows what will happen, now that he's in the media capital of the world? Hopefully, new head coach Todd Bowles will be able to handle the eccentric new receiver, but a building a new regime and locker room atmosphere will be hard enough without this sort of headache.

The thing I like about this trade, though, is that it fits the Jets' offense a little better. Marshall can come in as the No 1 receiver and be effective in that role for at least another year or two. It would move Eric Decker back to the WR2 spot where he belongs.

Realistically, these two big pass-catchers could complement each other quite nicely, but that doesn’t change the fact that Geno Smith is still the one chucking it to them.

New York needs a new quarterback. Simple and plain, but with Chip Kelly looking to trade up and add another former player to his OrEagles team, the Jets may turn to the free agency, and eating up Marshall's $7.5million guaranteed contract this season doesn’t help that out very much.

Combining the contract -- which becomes guaranteed on 12 Mar 2015 -- and Marshall's cancerous presence in the locker room, it’s a good move for the Bears to jettison him now and focus on rebuilding.

Overall, I'm not a fan from the Jets side of this deal, but for the sake of the Gang Green nation, let's hope that Geno can pull himself together and make something happen with the aging wideout.

The clock’s ticking.