The Dallas Cowboys' December Woes Continue

Published on 11-Dec-2013 by Towner Park

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The Dallas Cowboys' December Woes Continue

Snow. Santa. Paid time off for holidays.

Isn't December supposed to be an exciting month for most?

Well, December has proved to be a disastrous month for the Dallas Cowboys organization, especially over the past several seasons.

This past Monday night, the stage was set. The Cowboys were the main attraction, jockeying for a playoff berth. Not only were the Cowboys attempting to favorably position themselves in the playoff standings, they were also in a dogfight for the NFC East crown.

Maybe Jerry Jones wanted that crucial first-round home playoff game, but unfortunately for 'Boys fans, it seemed like he was the only one.

The Chicago Bears outclassed the Cowboys on Monday night to the tune of a 45-28 shellacking. The score wasn't even indicative of what transpired at Soldier Field. The Bears dominated in every facet of the game. Dallas, possessing the league's worst defense, allowed Josh McCown to throw four touchdown passes, a career high. Keep in mind McCown is Chicago's backup quarterback but outplayed Tony Romo and shredded the Cowboys defense with ease.

For now, Jones isn't getting any return on investment when it comes to the effort and desire that the Cowboys currently possess. They're downright awful and are lucky to be 7-6.  Blame it on injuries, a new defensive scheme, and/or a new defensive coordinator. Blame it on the fact that Jones, as self-appointed GM, says this team is his best work yet.

I blame it on the inconsistency that they display across all facets of the game.

'America's Team' has lost its luster. We should start calling the Cowboys 'America's Lost Cause.' Their inability to play at a high level astounds me. There is no denying their offensive skill set. At every position, they're loaded with talent. Their defense, which switched from a 3-4 to a 4-3, allegedly needed time to adjust, but after 13 games as a unit, the Dallas D is by far the most futile defense in the NFL.

'Fruitless December' will still be a part of the Cowboys' season unless something drastic is done. This is the third consecutive year where Dallas seems to be faltering at the absolute wrong time. For the past two seasons, Dallas has put themselves in position to win the NFC East heading into the final game of the season and have failed to succeed on each occasion. This season looks to be no different.

It baffles me that this continues to happen. Mismanagement on all accounts is endemic and no one seems to be doing anything to rectify the situation. Is Jason Garrett really worth what Jones is paying  him? Is Monte Kiffin, who hasn't managed a solid defense in years, really the answer as the defensive coordinator? Is Jerry Jones too egotistical for his own good?

OK, scratch that last question. That one's a given.

Obviously, a piece of the puzzle is missing within this Cowboy organization.

Or could it be that there's one piece to many right now?