The Convenience Factor

Published on 20-Jul-2013 by Towner Park

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The Convenience Factor

Overpriced hot dogs. Pricey beverages. Expensive tickets. The traffic. Intoxicated fans. Continuous vulgarity.

All of this ring a bell?

I'll bet you've experienced each and every one of these not so pleasing conditions during your last visit to an NFL stadium.

Nothing beats the actual experience of being there in person: the ambience, the excitement, and the entertainment value of actually witnessing -- first account -- your favorite players compete in the game that you absolutely worship.

However, that experience, for some, is becoming less and less desirable. 20 years ago, I would be ostracized for even stating such words.

Fast forward to the 21st century. We live in a time when the 'convenience factor' is relocating fans from the stadium to their couch.

Take a second to visualize sitting at home with a 12-pack of your favorite adult beverage that you bought at a reasonable price, watching your favorite football team on a high-definition television set. You have the availiability of checking other channels at your leisure. You can use the restroom without feeling like a caged animal who is forced to stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow peers. If you have Tivo, you can pause the action when nature calls. You can thoroughly enjoy the safety of your sofa instead of the risk of being thrown into a mosh pit with a bunch of rowdy, intoxicated, rival fans.

Sounds pleasant, yes?

Many fans, including myself, have begun to take this route. Most people believe football stadiums aren't set up for a full family experience. With the hefty price of tickets and the amount of alcohol fans drink before and during football games, families are starting to prefer to stay home. It's very dissatisfying when you can't even watch your favorite football team play in person because you feel threatened by what may happen if you actually attend the game. 

The violence at sporting arenas has been well documented, especially at football stadiums. If you're not part of a particular fanbase, you're viewed as the enemy. The entire process should be reviewed, reevaluated, and reformed if owners want to increase ticket sales and rightfully attract back families who want to physically attend football games yet can't afford the costs or aren't fond of fan vulgarity and the risk of violence.

The 'convenience factor' is in full effect and is only getting stronger. It certainly seems to be trending upwards, and the owners are certainly aware of it. Yet, they seem to not be doing anything to address it. Increasing security seems like an obvious move, but in reality, it does nothing.

Find a better solution and I'll start taking the time to drive, pay, and enjoy an NFL football game again in person, with my loved ones.