The Chipster's a Niner

Published on 15-Jan-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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The Chipster's a Niner

Well, this oughta be good.

In one corner, two truly reviled management figures:

  • Owner Jed York, who's spearheaded the charge to drive a storied franchise into the ground, and
  • Micro-meddling GM Trent Baalke, who guards his turf like a German Shepherd.

In the other corner, one high-profile coach who just got canned for, among other things, possibly over-reaching on management issues like personnel.

And the bell has rung.

Given the circumstances, this has to be right up there for Tweet of the Week:

Jed York tweet

A thorough search of what? The list of dudes who turned them down?

If there's any common ground with Kelly and Baalke, it's that both are run-first philosophers. That also appears to be the reason why Tennessee never came calling; the Titans are wary of the wear and tear that system puts on Marcus Mariota, especially at the pro level.

Meanwhile, Colin Kaepernick has proven to be more durable. Now, all he has to do is learn to make Chip's reads.

Dude's got nowhere to go but up.

But Kelly's hiring could be a start. The 49ers' marketing department clearly thinks so.

It does seem like this dumpster fire of a franchise was the Chipster's last resort, and he knew it:

Kelly job tweet

Eagles fans must think this cage-match-in-waiting with York and Baalke is just desserts for Kelly. But this is just a middle chapter of a novel story arc that began with his dynamic hiring in Philadelphia and now forks into a comparison of where he'll take the Niners in a couple of seasons vis à vis how Jeff Lurie's second choice picks up the pieces there.

Gotta wonder what tips Doug Pederson got from Andy Reid before he took that job. San Francisco isn't the only place that jerks knees.