The Cam Newton Wardrobe Malfunction

Published on 5-Dec-2016 by Raoul Duke

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The Cam Newton Wardrobe Malfunction

Everyone was puzzled when Derek Anderson was under center to open the Sunday night game between the Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks.

They were even more confused when an explanation was finally offered.

Apparently, Panthers head coach and alleged riverboat gambler Ron Rivera decided to bench reigning NFL MVP Cam Newton for what was termed a dress code violation.

What puritanical code of dress did the Man of Steel disregard?

He forgot to wear a necktie.

Please bear in mind this is the same Cam Newton who once wore this outfit to a post-game press conference voluntarily.

Of course, Newton has exercised creative wardrobe license on many other occasions in the past.

It's unclear what Rivera was attempting to accomplish with this dubious discipline. 

Perhaps he was simply trying to check the dude's admittedly monstrous ego.

Or maybe there's more going on behind the scenes.

Whatever the case, Anderson was hilariously picked off on that first play from scrimmage as Newton watched from the bench.

Karma, your table is ready.

The Panthers' fortunes didn't exactly improve once Newton entered the game on the next series.

Carolina was taken apart by the Seahawks to the tune of 40-7. The loss drops them to 4-8 and essentially ends their season.

If only Justin Timberlake had been there to lend a hand.