The Brock Osweiler Redemption

Published on 19-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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The Brock Osweiler Redemption

Things have not gone particularly well for Brock Osweiler in 2016.

But for one night anyway, he found redemption.

The Houston Texans' $72million dollar man was in the midst of a completely miserable game aginst the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night, being serenaded by a healthy chorus of boos from the home crowd.

However, dude miraculously found his stroke midway through the fourth quarter, rallying the Texans to a win.

A good quarterback is hard to find these days but is an absolute necessity to win in the modern NFL.

The Osweiler signing is a perfect example of this phenomenom.

Of course, the money is outrageous, but the Texans had grown weary of the QB clown car they'd previously employed.

It's only one game, but perhaps the ridiculously tall signal caller -- remember, dude had a hoops scholarship in hand before Arizona State approached him for football -- has found his groove.

If only Morgan Freeman could narrate the rest of the season for him.