The Ben Roethlisberger Gold Watch Watch

Published on 31-Jan-2017 by Raoul Duke

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The Ben Roethlisberger Gold Watch Watch

Emotions are always running a bit high after a tough loss.

This is particularly true in the NFL, where there's a significant physical toll taken each season.

After his Pittsburgh Steelers were rudely dismissed from the playoffs by the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, Ben Roethlisberger suggested he may be ready to walk away from The Shield.

Whether this sentiment is genuine or just emotional residue from getting so close to another Super Bowl and losing is anyone's guess.

However, dude was asked directly about returning next season and couldn't give a definitive answer, so perhaps this is for real.

Big Ben has certainly put in the hours, having already logged 13 NFL seasons and absorbing quite the beating in the process.

Because of his size, the two-time Super Bowl winner is rather difficult to bring down in the pocket, but this also creates more opportunity for a physical pounding, and this dude's been knocked around pretty good.

The Baltimore Ravens, in particular, have used Roethlisberger for a few targeted drone strikes over the years.

That last one was courtesy of CBS's own Bart Scott.

When asked to comment on these remarks, Mike Tomlin seemed to indicatehe was taking the retirement talk seriously and simultaneously not worrying about it.

Roethlisberger will turn 35 in March, which is like 65 in football years, so this wouldn't exactly be a shocking development.

However, QB's like Drew Brees and Tom Brady are still at the top of their games late into their 30's, so it's hard to say, really.

Everyone ages differently, and some athletes just completely fall off the cliff when their shelf life comes due.

If Big Ben does walk away, the Steelers aren't exactly ready to move on at the position, unless they consider Landry Jones a long-term answer.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Regardless of when he retires, the former Ohio Bobcat has earned that gold watch.