The Back Tat That's Wack

Published on 20-Mar-2014 by Coach

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The Back Tat That's Wack

Now, I'm not one for tattoos; too much commitment.

However, I am a strong believer in expressing oneself. But there are ways and there are ways. Doesn't mean I won't call some of them foolish.

I'm sure we can all remember the hulabaloo over Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron's chest tatoo when photos like this popped up:

McCarron's tattoo

Apparently, Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns took the photos to heart. Or back. Or ... well, just take a look:

Gordon's tattoo

Gordon is probably at the top of this list when it's next updated.

He was possibly the lone bright spot on an abysmal Brown offense in 2013. The sad part will be his eventual release or trade, because let's face it, it's a Cleveland-based sports team. What with the number he chose on his tat, a good place for him to go to might be Seattle. Just sayin'. 

But I salute you, Mr Gordon, for doing something incredibly ballsy.

Uh, did I say ballsy? I meant to say cringeworthy.

I mean, I guess everyone at the beach or pool will know he's an athelete with some sort of inferiority complex, given the tat's illustrating why people should know him.

Think Helmet Syndrome