The Antonio Brown Dance Party Has Sadly Ended

Published on 1-Dec-2016 by Raoul Duke

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The Antonio Brown Dance Party Has Sadly Ended

In its perpetual crusade to eradicate joy from the face of the planet, the NFL has once again fined Antonio Brown for celebrating a successful visit to the end zone.

If you recall, the crazy good Pittsburgh Steelers wideout has already been disciplined twice this year for his rather exuberant dancing, which frequently includes a sexual component.

Most well-adjusted humans seem to enjoy the show, but the league office and even certain teammates and coaches have chosen to pass judgment on our gyrating hero.

The latest public atrocity committed by Brown involved his partner in crime, Le'Veon Bell, and a lovely choreographed number after a score.

Just lock them up already.

Of course, the collection of old white men that runs the NFL has deemed any choreographed activity involving players to be a mortal sin and therefore punishable by flag and fine.

In addition, it appears QB Ben Roethlisberger and head coach Mike Tomlin have grown somewhat weary of the shtick.

They still dig the dude, but the penalties are becoming a problem in regard to field position and whatnot. Unfortunately, there is some logic to this argument.

In a perfect world, Brown could hop aboard the groove train whenever he damn well pleased, but we don't live in such a place.

Alas, when he scores from now on, the celebration will probably be confined to his limitless imagination.

Despite this sad reality, we still have the memories:

The bastards can't take that away.