The 49ers' Bush Experiment

Published on 17-Mar-2015 by Towner Park

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The 49ers' Bush Experiment

No, I'm not talking about George W's presidential term.

Welcome back to California, Reggie Bush. We've waited almost a decade for you to return.

The former USC trojan is back!

Minus a Heisman Trophy, of course.

But who cares about the infamous USC scandal that plagued that university for years after the Reggie Bush era, right?

This is the year 2015. Forget the past, people! Except these parts:

The San Francisco 49ers decided to fill a slot in their backfield vacated when Frank Gore decided to leave the Bay area for Philadelphia Indianapolis by adding Bush to their roster.

At age 30, Bush still provides some much needed explosiveness. Typically, this is past the age when running backs start to noticeably decline, but the 49ers are hoping that Bush, who was plagued by his own defiant ankles, can rediscover his elsuive ways.

Bush, with two 1000-yard rushing seasons on his résumé, joins Kendall Hunter and Carlos Hyde in the 49er backfield. He won't pack the pigskin as much as he'll be expected to catch the ball out of the backfield and provide stable blocking on third down. Bush can certainly provide playmaking ability in third-down packages and is still a threat to break a long one.

San Fran simply needs to find a way to utilize Bush correctly and manage him accordingly. Last year, Colin Kapernick completed 44 receptions to 49er running backs. They obviously want to upgrade.

Hopefully, this move will work better than it did for the last USC icon when he closed out his career with the Niners. And as much as they do want to integrate him into the passing game, Bush's gloves had better still fit.