Tebow Still out of a Job; Old High School Coach Comes to Defense

Published on 16-May-2013 by Tyler Scionti

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Tebow Still out of a Job; Old High School Coach Comes to Defense

Former Jets Quarterback Tim Tebow has been out of a job for some time.

A few offers have been rumored here and there, but all have been quickly shot down as no serious talk has followed. There was a popular rumor that Tebow might back up Tom Brady for the Patriots, but that was quickly thrown out the window as the Patriots reported there was no chance of that happening. Indeed, Tebow’s polarizing nature and awkward throwing motion -- despite Vinnie Testaverde's claims it's been fixed -- seem to be doing him in as Tebow-mania has worn off in the NFL.

He does have one remaining supporter though, his former high school coach, Craig Howard, who is reportedly outraged by the fact that Tebow did not get a fair chance with the Jets despite their ongoing struggles all season. While Howard thinks that Tebow has what it takes to compete in the NFL, he doesn’t see many teams taking a chance on him. Should Howard’s words prove to be more prophetic than the average fear of failure, could this be the end of Tebow and Tebow-mania?

Tebow may be done in the NFL if a team does not pick him up, but alternative forms of pro football is always an option. There is a rumor floating around that Ron Jaworski, ESPN analyst and co-owner of the Philadelphia Soul in the Arena Football League, has offered Tebow a roster spot, though not a starting job.  

Tebow should exhaust his NFL opportunities, of course, if any come his way. It certainly is quite a fall to go from the poster boy of the Broncos' surge in 2011 to not even being able to find a job now.

Looks like he should have gone to Jacksonville when they actually wanted him.