Tebow's Woes Continue

Published on 18-Aug-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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Tebow's Woes Continue

What's more insignificant than preseason games?

Unless you're trying to make the last cut at your position, not very much.

But there is one thing less important than the game itself.

Pre-season stats.

This is a time for unknowns and twilighters to make a splash.

But then there are players like Tim Tebow. A media star who still hasn't been able to make a place for himself in the NFL. He apparently didn't get the memo that there aren't going to be very many more opportunities to shine, because Friday night, he seemed to do the opposite.

Those unimportant stats are very important to him. And that's a bummer right now.

Tebow was 1-for-7 passing for -1 yard.

Is that possible?

If you thought not, then you haven't seen Tebow. He looked awkward and afraid. He definitely didn't look like the hype his latest skill gurus were selling, and those were dudes who should have known better.

But all may not be lost for the QB wannabe.

Maybe, just maybe, Tebow should seriously consider all the screams that he should be used at a different position, like tight end or fullback. After all, his rushing numbers were much better, rumbling 30 yards in 6 carries.

As a quarterback though, Tebow isn't improving at all. He's certainly not showing any signs of progression.

It seems like if Tebow can't make it in New England, then this is it. He hasn't been in the spotlight -- relatively speaking -- this summer and has had a chance to do what it takes to make a team. But much to no one's surprise, he is doing worse than even the skeptics expected.

Should he get a visit from the Turk this time, what's next in Tebowville, without Tebowmania?

More TiVo commercials? A pastorship? A jock spot on TV?

Whatever. If there's a clipboard involved, it looks like he's your man.